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Can you name the words ending in Mus?

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1973 Burt Reynolds' film about a private detective
Middle-Eastern spread made form cooked, mashed chickpeas
Gloria from the Madagascar animated film series is this type of animal
Part of the brain between the cerebral cortex and the midbrain
Dark organic soil material produced by animal and plant decay
Portion of the brain that connects the nervous and endocrine system
Narrow piece of land connecting two large areas across an expanse of water
Transformers living planet and deity-entity who created the Primes
Severe undernourishment causing an infant/child weight to be extremely low
The Stranger French Nobel Prize-laureate author Albert....
Famous Dutch Renaissance humanist and priest _______ of Rotterdam
City in Bergen County, New Jersey
Famous French seer known for his book The Prophecies
Transformers' Autobots leader, _______ Prime
Harry Potter universe's ______ Finnigan or the wooden-legged pirate in Family Guy
An ignorant or stupid person

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