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King Arthur's castle
A person who speaks multiple languages
A person who operates an aircraft
Small leopard found in most of the Americas
A piece of land used by children for games
A small piece of land, Polish airliner, and man who escaped Sodom
A type of grape that originates the famous wine
A process of voting in writing and in secret
The events that make up a story
Another name for the sperm whale
One of the Knights of the Round Table
A type of onion also known as eschalot
Give or apportion something
A person who only speaks one language
System used to control a the trajectory of a vehicle
A segment of forest capable of small-scale production
A vacant lot overgrown with weeds and covered in rubbish
Another word for trinket, knickknack
Plural for the special Jewish bread known as challah
French word for shallot
Another word for conspiracy
An area or building where livestock are fed and fattened up
Psychological test developed by Rorschach
A one-piece suit also called tank suit
A person who frustrates/ruins a plan or undertaking by meddling
An informal term for sailor
Another name for sweet-clover
Coffee served with alcohol or certain spices; Cafe ________
Another word for bilingual
An enclosure of limited size used for fattening livestock
A wanton, a lascivious or light giddy girl
Another word for prostitute
A person who is fanatical in pursuit of his/her religious or political ideas
A dark mark or stain made by ink or paint
A long, narrow aperture or slit
A thick mass of coagulated blood or liquid
Russia's largest airliner

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