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Can you name the words ending in Lan?

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One of Star Trek's universe most well-known alien races
Mayor Chilean airline's name
A large family
A series of steps to accomplish a goal
Volcano and lake in Guatemala famous for its native people's towns
Gallant in Spanish, and Spanish surname meaning handsome
Name of famous men such as Rickman, Alda, and Cumming
Sponge cake type of pastry/dessert coated with caramelized liquid sugar
American race car maker company owned by Panoz Motor Sports
Beach resort city in Sinaloa, Mexico
Ancient Aztec city and center of the empire
One of Mongolia's capital city common spellings _____ Bator
Italy's and of the world's fashion capitals
Disney's Chinese heroine from the self-titled animated film
Boys name in the U.S. and Irish saint _______ Forgaill
American rockers Bob and Jacob _______
Biblical city and region located today Israel and Syria
Twilight American actor _______ Lutz
Inception's British director Christopher ________
The third K in the KKK
A wireless local area network
Language spoken in Barcelona
The governor of a castle
American film producer married to Robert Rodriguez, Elizabeth _________
American country music artist Gary ______
Lost and Babylon 5 actress Mira _______
Elvis Costello real first name and Irish saint; ______ of Ardmore
Now You See Me 2 American actress, Lizzy _____
Test and professional preparation American company
City in Bio Bio, Chile famous for a 1939 8.3 earthquake
Indian director M. Night...

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