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Can you name the words ending in gon?

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Mythical creature from China
Ho Chi Minh City former name
A vehicle with four wheels that carries heavy loads
Former capital city of Myanmar
Chemical element belonging to the noble gases
Famous government building in Virginia
A ten side geometric figure
Special words or expressions used by professions or groups
A seven side/angle geometric figure
A spice with famous varieties such as French, Spanish, and Russian
An eight side geometric figure
A person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality
French for tarragon, and Gogo's name in 'Waiting for Godot'
Another word for quadrilateral
A six side/angle geometrical shape
A plane geometric shape with at least three straight sides
Flower native to North America, Europe, and North Africa
A nine side geometric shape
A line of equal or constant wind direction or magnetic declination on a chart, map, or graph
A popular activity, effort, or cause that attracts growing support
A twelve side/angle geometric figure
City in the Basque Country, Spain
The mythical giant people of Patagonia
Status used to refer to British leaders of old; King Arthur
Derogatory term widely used by Mexicans
One of the autonomous communities of Spain; Ferdinand of ________
Northwest state
Novel by Christopher Paolini and film starred by Ed Speleers
Large Canadian lake in the Ontario province; the sixth Great Lake
City in the State of Sonora, Mexico; Ciudad _________

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