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Can you name the words ending in Gel?

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Ring-like bread product originally from Poland served with a spread
Cloverfield American actor Mike...
Product used to mold/fashion the hair
Heaven-Sent being usually winged and dressed in white
Germany's most internationally known magazine Der...
A vulture as its called in Africa
Egg-based homemade dessert popular in Central Europe and the Caucasus
A short thick stick used as a weapon
High-ranked heavenly beings such as Michael and Gabriel
Another term for evangelist
Large Russian island northwest of Alaska, Unesco's WHS
Spanish/Portuguese surname; U.S. Representative for New York Charles...
American actor/comedian famous for SNL's TV Funhouse, Robert...
The brightest star in Orion, and 7th in the night sky or Simpsons alien planet, _____ 7
British late actor, _____ Hawthorne

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