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Can you name the words ending in Gan?

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Wolverine's name
American actor _________ Freeman
A sled
Inner vital parts of the human body
A second chance to perform an action in golf
Film starred by John Wayne and Richard Attenborough
A troublemaker, associated with football fans in the UK
Type of sweater with an open front
A motto or tagline
Someone who does not believe in Christ
Past of begin
A sort of trouble, mischief
Mocassin often reaching the knee
Tree that produces soapberries such as lychees
A small boat, chest, or house
American president Ronald.....
Started over
Ottoman knife or short sabre/saber
A leather shoe reaching to the ankle
Tumulus, burial mound, or barrow
Tokyo's infamous Bayshore Route
Someone who does't consume animal products
Actor Hulk....
City part of the Manchester metropolitan area
Actress ____________ Fox
Gallium nitrite
TV show The Brothers____________
Unit for measuring genetic linkage
Actress Amy______________
American actor Kevin ______________
American astronomer Carl ___________
British actor Steve ____________
Group of creatures from Japan similar to the Pokemon
Boston Red Sox player Bill _____________
American actor Richard _________
One of King Lear daughters
American actor Denis ____________
Canadian indie rock/pop duo ___________ and Sara
American author of The Evolving Self, Robert ___________
Singer Laura ____________
Cowboys' football player Kevin ____________
American actress Carrie _____________
American actress __________ Good
TV Character stranded in an island
City in Minnesota
U.S. midwestern state
City in Illinois
Russian oblast and its eponymous capital city
Fear Factor host Joe ________

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