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Can you name the words ending in Don?

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The U.K.'s capital city
Major River in Russia and Europe or ____ Quixote
A line or circle of police, soldiers, or guards preventing access
To leave behind or give up completely
A sequence of DNA or RNA
Extinct type of mammut
Forgiveness or the act of forgiving
Radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas
Achilles made this part of the body famous
A pennant used by military forces
Small trip or cubic piece of pork fat used in cuisine
A type of pterosaurs, one of the largest in North America
Large bulky herbivorous Dinosaur in the Jurassic/Cretaceous
Large extinct animal similar to mammuts and elephants
Prestigious tennis championship played in London
God of the sea in Greek mythology
City in Wiltshire, South West England
Actors Mr. Routh, Mr. Lee
Joseph _______ -Levitt
American director of both Twilight's Breaking Dawns, Bill...
Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator Joss...
Lebanon's third largest city also known as Saida
One of Russia's largest cities and capital of Rostov Oblast
Extinct giant ground sloth native to Patagonia
The DaVinci Code, Angels & Demons, and Inferno main character; Robert...
Another name for Macedonia
Actors Susan and Chris....

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