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Can you name the words ending in Das?

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German brand of sporting goods
City in Ecuador and plural for emeralds in Spanish
King who would turn whatever he touched into gold
Colombian department with Manizales as its capital city
Famous Spartan king featured in the film 300
Group of island infamous for the 'triangle'
The man who betrayed Jesus with a kiss
Plural for the black and white endangered Chinese bears
Plural for the communication aimed to move masses
Plural for the famous Mexican dish with a corn tortilla, rolled, and covered in chili sauce
Plural for the fish made famous by the band Heart hit single
Plural for the imploded hotel/casino in Las Vegas, and estate in Spanish
Plural for the largest Amazon snake and J.Lo film
Plural for toast in Spanish and Mexican dish
More than one Matilda
____________ de Toros
More than one street with rows of Poplars/Alamos
Plural for the famous worship type of building found throughout Asia
Plural for the very noisy insect which can be found worldwide
Pepsi, Fanta, Dr. Pepper are types of....?
More than one hidden plan
More than one army in Spanish
Capital city of the Misiones Province, Argentina

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