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Can you name the words ending in Can?

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Race/planet of Star Trek's Mr. Spock
Modern name for an Italian ancient civilization; today's Tuscany
City-State in the heart of Rome
Of or relating to the United States or the New World
Of or relating to the 'Black Continent'
The 'Elephant' political party in the U.S.
Mexican state with Morelia as its capital city
Largest city and capital of the state of Sinaloa, Mexico
French music hall dance traditionally performed by a chorus line
Large water bird with a long beak and a pouchy throat
Popular drupe commonly mistaken by a nut used in pies
A metal-made small container or being able to
A CT or CAT...
Froot Loops mascot ______ Sam
The Philippines third largest city part of Metro Manila
Of of relating to Corsica
San Jose and Puerto Limon are ____________ cities
Ricky Martin and Benicio del Toro are...(place of origin)
Charlize Theron is... (place of origin)
Rabat, Casablanca, and Marrakech are all _______ cities
Santo Domingo, and Santiago de los Caballeros are ________ cities
Group of monks that follows the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi
Bob Marley is... (place of origin)
The Green Mile late actor Michael Clarke...
Another word for werewolf
Of or relating to molluscs

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