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Can you name the words ending in Bra?

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Famous Moorish palace in Granada, Spain
Portugal's third largest city
African mammal famous for its black and white stripes
The seventh astronomical sign of the Zodiac
Venomous snake species widely found in Africa and Asia
The name of a spell and famous Steve Miller Band's 1980's hit single
Irregular bones found in the spinal column
Female type of underwear/lingerie
Michael Douglas/Matt Damon film Behind the ____________
The language with which we describe patterns in Science
Literally, word in Spanish
One of the distinct parts of a shadow
American company that produces hummus and other Middle-Eastern style food products
Another distinct part of a shadow
X-Men's mutant character with the ability to track other mutants
One of the two famous Puerto Rican island towns
The Chupa_______ (Goat in Spanish)
American actress _______ Winger
American singer/actress _________ Streisand
City in Orange County, California

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