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X-Men's superhero who can throw gamma ray cards
The trajectory of a celestial body around a bigger body
Bugs Bunny is one of them
A tiny piece of something or a small portion of time
The brand name of a wristband that tracks activity
A small portion of something; very common in canned pineapples
The scope, extend, or bounds of something
An activity done regularly
An exposition; to show
Banking card that works just like cash
Famous J.R.R. Tolkien's race of little people
To live/reside/dwell with another person
To live in a place
To band or restrain
A bunny with much larger ears and longer thin legs
To hinder, restrain or prevent
A million binary pulses per second (bits)
A billion binary pulses per second
One thousand binary pulses per second
A trillion binary pulses per second
Film starred by Eddie Murphy; twice, and Thandie Newton
American rapper and actor

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