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Can you name the words ending in Ado?

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Western film starred by Costner, Kline, Glenn, and Glover
Mountain state, one of the four corners
Legendary pre-columbian city said to be covered in gold
Shakespeare's Much _____ About Nothing
Island and city across the San Diego Bay, California
Spain most illustrious museum; Museo del...
Film starred by Banderas and Hayek and song by The Eagles
Fruit used to make guacamole
A person very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about something
A mobile destructive vortex of violently rotating winds
Renegade in Spanish and Portuguese
Pick-up sticks game that originated in Europe
Boldness, swaggering, or bluster
Mountain in Rio de Janeiro where the Chris the Redeemer statue lies
City in the Madre de Dios Region in the Amazon Jungle, Peru; Puerto...
Market in Spanish and Portuguese
Modern Family Gloria's and Manny surname
The Syfy channel TV movie series about airborne sharks
Canadian singer famous for hit single Promiscuous, Nelly...
World's tallest volcano; Ojos del...
Little Women american actress Trini...
High Noon Mexican-American actress Katy...
American watchmaker famous for its Museum Watch

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