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Type of horse or Ford's sports car brand
Australia's Indigenous people throw tool/weapon
Suspend or to be suspended from above and dangle
A sudden loud noise
A group of people associated to commit crimes
Past of ring
Constant Craving Canadian singer K.D....
Past of sing
Vampires used it to bite
A familiar term, lingo
A sudden sharp pain or painful emotion
Past of spring
Yin and...
Fruit-favored drink brand made by General Foods
Noise made by the plucked string of a musical instrument
Euphemism for damn
Several people involved in physical sexual activity with one individual
A matter, operation, or set of circumstances; the whole...
Sumatra's second largest city, Indonesia
Brokeback Mountain Taiwanese-American director, ___ Lee
Indonesia's sixth largest city (in Java)
North Korea's capital city
Cambodia's second largest city
Mr. Mozart or Mr. Puck
One of the green aliens in The Simpsons
State/island in Malaysia and one of its biggest tourist destinations
Fashion designers Vera and Alexander _____ or another word for penis
Memoirs of a Geisha Chinese actress Zhiyi...

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