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Can you name the African country by its island?

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Djerba (Jerba)Gulf of Gabes, Mediterranean Sea
Angoche IslandMozambique Channel
KulubnartiNile River
Moheli (Mwali)Mozambique Channel
Habibas IslandsMediterranean Island
Daga IslandLake Tana
Dodi IslandLake Volta
GoreeAtlantic Ocean
RodriguesIndian Ocean
Nelson's IslandMediterranean Sea
Bajuni IslandsIndian Ocean
Lagos IslandAtlantic Ocean
Likoma IslandLake Malawi
Iles de LosAtlantic Ocean
Prince Edward IslandsIndian Ocean
MaheIndian Ocean
Dahlak KebirRed Sea
Kunta Kinteh IslandGambia River
IsokweLake Mweru
Nosy Be (Nossi Be)Mozambique Channel
Lamu IslandIndian Ocean
MalalLake Chad
Bissagos Islands (Bijagos)Atlantic Ocean
ImpalilaZambezi River, Chobe River
SantiagoAtlantic Ocean
Unguja (Zanzibar Island)Indian Ocean
SumbaCongo River
PrincipeAtlantic Ocean
Ssese IslandsLake Victoria
KwandaCongo River
Iwawa IslandLake Kivu
Bushrod IslandSt. Paul River, Atlantic Ocean
AgelengelsKomo River
BiokoGulf of Guinea
Isle Bongo SouaUbangi River
Ile BoulayAbidjan Lagoon
Muuyu IslandLake Kariba
Sherbro IslandAtlantic Ocean
Mbamu (Ile M'Bamou)Pool Malebo, Congo River
SeduduChobe Rover
Nicholls IslandGulf of Guinea
Seven Brothers Islands (Sawabi Islands)Red Sea, Gulf of Aden
Mogador IslandMediterranean Sea

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