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Can you name the animals with a color within their names?

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Ailurus fulgens/RedMammal/China
Dendroaspis polylepis/BlackReptile/Africa
Eschrichtius robustus/GrayMammal/Northern Hemisphere Oceans
Vespula, Dolichovespula/YellowInsect/Worldwide
Ursus arctos/BrownMammal/Eurasia, North America
Turdus merula/BlackBird/North America, Europe, Asia, Northern Africa, Australia
Latrodectus mactans, L. hesperus, L. variolus/BlackInsect/North America
Ursus americanus/Ursus thibetanus/BlackMammal/North America-Asia
Alouatta caraya/BlackMammal/Brazil,Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay
Latrodectus hasseltii/RedInsect/Australia
Sialia sialis, S. mexicana, S. currucoide/BlueBird/North America
Cyanocitta cristata/BlueBird/North America
Thunnus maccoyii, T. orientalis, T. thynnus, T. tonggol/BlueFish/Worldwide
Prionace glauca/BlueFish/Worldwide
Balaenoptera musculus, B.m. intermedia, B. m. brevicauda/BlueFish/Worldwide
Mytilus edulis/BlueMollusc/Worldwide
Geothlypis trichas (+14 other species)/YellowBird/North, Central & South America
Canis lupus/GrayMammal/North America, Eurasia, Northern-Eastern-Western Africa
Urocyon cinereoargenteus/GrayMammal/North, Central & South America
Gymnothorax funebris/GreenFish/Atlantic Ocean, New Jersey to Brazil
Corallus caninus/EmeraldReptile/Amazon Rainforest
Eunectes murinus/GreenReptile/Amazon Rainforest
Dendroaspis angusticeps, D. viridis/GreenReptile/Africa
Chelonia mydas/GreenAmphibian/Pacific-Atlantic Tropics/Subtropics
Arremon aurantiirostris/OrangeBird/Central & South America
Tamiasciurus hudsonicus-Sciurus vulgaris/RedMammal/Eurasia-North America
Vulpes vulpes/RedMammal/Northern Hemisphere, Australia
Buteo jamaicensis/RedBird/North & Central America, Caribbean
Cacatua alba/WhiteBird/Indonesia

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