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Can you name the Teen Wolf Characters?

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HintAnswerWhat they are
Tyler PoseyWerewolf
Crystal ReedWerewolf Hunter
Dylan O BrienHuman
Tyler HoechlienWerewolf
Holland RodenBanshee
Colton HaynesWerewolf
Shelley HennigWerecoyote
Arden ChoKitsune
Dylan SprayberryWerewolf
J. R. BourneWerewolf Hunter
Linden AshbyHuman
Melissa PonzioHuman
Keahu KahuanuiHuman
Ian BohenWerewolf
Seth GilliamDruid
Ormy AdamsHuman
Eaddy MaysWerewolf Hunter
Jill WagnerWerewolf Hunter
Micheal HoganWerewolf Hunter
HintAnswerWhat they are
Daniel SharmanWerewolf
Bianca LawsonDruid
Gage GolightlyWerewolf
Sinqua WallsWerewolf
Adelaide Kane Werewolf
Charlie CarverWerewolf
Max CarverWerewolf
Meagan Tandy Human
Matthew Del Negro Human
Ryan KelleyHellhound
Khylin Rhambo Human
Cody Saintgnue Werewolf
Cody ChristanChimera
Victoria MorolesChimera/Werewolf
Susan WaltersHuman
Adam FristoeHuman
Stephen LunsfordHuman
Haley WebbDarach
Michael JohnstonChimera

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