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Alien symbiote that hisses, speaks in third person, and has a ridiculously freaky tongue.
Eight-armed mad scientist.
Sometimes called Eric Lensherr, sometimes Max Eisenhardt; played by Sir Ian McKellen in the movies, this guy has the best costume, particularly his helmet.
One does not require hair to be brilliant, particularly when one's nemesis flies about in his pajamas.
I am Nature's arm. Her spirit. Her will. I AM Mother Nature
Robotic alien genius who hates the man in blue and red tights. The green dude seems to have a fondness for ships sporting tentacles.
Corrupt, wealthy businessman by day, pumpkin-throwing broom-rider by night. Watch out, Manhattan!
Me do opposite of everything Superman do! Superman would punch robot! Me kick it!
Mysterious, blue, fights like a tiger, and she can change her shape. Mutant pride!
She quite likes the Joker. In fact, she's mad about him.
This kitty is the best cat burglar in New York, but she has a soft spot for a certain Wall-crawler.
Speaks in third person. Wears a mask. Sounds like any other villain? He's king of Latveria.
Elderly criminal; styled himself after a carrion-eating bird.
Don't follow this one down the yellow brick road. He's a scary strawman!
Robot created by Hank Pym; villain in Avengers 2.
Waaack! He's a feathered felon with a flamboyant flair for fowl!
Adopted from Jotunheim, he is the master of magical deception. KNEEL!
Why so serious, Batsie?
Talk about a massive appetite! The Devourer of Worlds is normally preceded by a herald.
Allow me to break the ice. My name is (?). Learn it well. For it's the chilling sound of your doom

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