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Can you name the 4-letter words in this 'Sonic the Hedgehog'-themed word ladder?

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Clue4-letter Word
Sonic & Knuckles: ____ [last rung] Zone
Spanish sparkling wine
Sonic 2: Mystic ____ Zone
Instance of a particular situation
Sonic 3: Launch ____ Zone
Not clothed or covered
Farm building
A twisted strand of fiber used for knitting
Sonic 1: Spring ____ Zone
Hospital room
Magical stick
Movement of air
Sonic 2: ____ Fortress Zone
Chinese dynasty (1368–1644)
The intellect
Gentle; not severe or harsh
A type of factory
Sonic 1: Green ____ Zone
Clue4-letter Word
Satan's lair
Opposite of buy
Close and make secure
Burn or scorch the surface
Sonic 1: ____ Light Zone
Mix; commotion
Scots version of sore
Make the sign of a cross
Sonic 2: Aquatic ____ Zone
One of five from the same birth
£1 in Britain
Thigh muscle
Two items of the same kind
Devoid of activity
Legal document involved in property ownership
A tall, slender leaved grass
Sonic & Knuckles: [first rung] ____ Zone

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