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Clue6-letter Word
• ______ minus 50 = [last rung] •
A nightgown
Old-fashioned form of nearly
Persnickety; fussy, especially over small things
Pokemon: ______puff
To fidget or squirm quickly
A carol: ______ Bells
The Amazon, for example
A clumsy or inept performance; a botch
A rope used to jump from great heights
Plugged or blocked
Shared a bed with
Hide here during warfare
Clue6-letter Word
They run the table during gambling
Disease of tree bark, or an oral sore/ulcer
Horse chestnut tree nut, or Rare video game series
An oven or stove?
Necklace worn tight to the throat
Fails to perform at a crucial time, particularly in sports
Tedious, but necessary, tasks
Lower body garments
Upper body garments
Ill-tempered and annoyed, especially in Britain
• ______ plus 50 = [first rung] •

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