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Can you name the Fighting game characters from their victory quotes?

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Forced Order
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Victory is tough, like the old beef jerkey in my pocket.King of Fighters '96
Hurri-CAAAAAAAAAANE!Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars
Wubba, wubba. I'm in the pink today, boy!Fatal Fury Special
You must defeat Shen Long to stand a chance!Street Fighter 2
I did it, Toto! How about that last hit? Wham! Now I can be Queen of Rio!Kaiser Knuckle
Gosh! I've made it mincemeat! He he he he he.Samurai Shodown 2
Have a nice journey through the 9 courts of judgmentNight Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge
Remaining LP 0.01. Target dying. Damage adjust failed. Disposing.Street Fighter Alpha 3
I dedicate this victory to the Earth Power FA-FA!!World Heroes 2 Perfect
I thought I was dead. But then, I think I'm Cleopatra, too.Samurai Shodown
Absolute karate. That's Kyokugen. And don't forget it, dweebenheimer!King of Fighters '98
My poodle is stronger than you!Karnov's Revenge
I'll feel better after I kill everything in this world.Darkstalkers 3
[Senior citizens are people too! I just wish that pandas could talk...!]Ranma 1/2: Hard Battle
No one can stand against my tentacled glory!Marvel Super Heroes
A maid has made you mad. Don't be mad at me...Ah, sorry...Waku Waku 7
I am woman, feel my kick and moan.Art of Fighting 2
Looking for something? Next time, hire a psychic, ya chump!The Last Blade
What a nice person! You kindly give the palm to such a crock!Samurai Shodown 2
So exciting to chop up beautys!King of Fighters '94
My real idendity? I'm the karate goblin!SVC Chaos: SNK Vs. Capcom
I will meditate and then destroy you!Street Fighter II
You're under arrest for interfering with official Interpol business and destruction of public property in front of an Interpol officer!Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars
00101.11010.01010.01111.00010 [EZ Job]Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
My old lady, she wants to get a cat, but I’m like “No way, babe!” I mean, those things just meow and meow all day, ya know? How you s’posed to get to sleep....Street Fighter 4
Lambs are tougher than you! How do I know? Well, uh...King of Fighters '95
You very lucky to have chance to fight No. 1 Fighter from far off planet. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
Ancient words of wisdom -- You suck.Street Fighter Alpha 2
What do you think? Green or grey?Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter
YOOv god da lodta learn... beforre you BEAT me. Tryagainkiddoo.Street Fighter
Go in pain, my son.Samurai Shodown 4

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