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A student we've never met before has AIDS. Professor Whoopi Goldberg will teach us more. Casual homophobia remains unaddressed.
A friendly bald man sexually abuses at least one young boy, a process which involves wine, pornographic cartoons, and pretending to be a horse.
Nerdy girl takes caffeine pills; gets so excited, so excited, so scared.
After several decades of misunderstandings, a sexpot lady finally accepts her brother's homosexuality.
Girl collapses at gym thanks to the abrupt development of an eating disorder. After her kind, single father talks to her warmly, she is utterly cured.
Teenage boy is left in a coma after a terrible motorcycle accident. His very cool friend prays for his recovery.
Teenage boy learns that he is dyslexic.
Teenage boy takes speed at a school dance. Upon being offered Clippers tickets, his cousin later cries about his involvement.
Teenage boy bootlegs a Doobie Brothers concert; the band stops playing mid-song and demands justice.
Middle-aged woman decides to terminate her pregnancy.
Uncle Tom Hanks is an abusive alcoholic.
Teenage boy joins a cult, but later leaves when his teacher gets in a motorcycle accident. Aforementioned teacher is never seen again.
Daffy housewife is attacked by a serial rapist. Hilarity ensues.
Buzz Aldrin helps young girl understand and mourn the recent explosion of the Challenger space shuttle.
The threat of Black History Month causes students to deface a black girl's locker with racist graffiti. No one is punished, but the month proceeds as intended.
Rich, blonde girl tries to donate money to her boarding school, but discovers her grandfather was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.
Impish lad is fondled by his camp counselor, but continues being impish.
Various characters suddenly reveal they're illiterate, terminally ill, kleptomaniacs, homeless, or anorexic. Nonetheless, no Emmies are awarded.
Matthew Perry drives drunk; Matthew Perry dies.
Teenage girl brings a joint home; her divorced father finds it.

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