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Can you name the TV themes which have been translated into Japanese and back into English?

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Forced Order
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Love and marriage, horse please.
Anywhere (anywhere), heart (mostly) Please hold our hands.
Here are three great stories of women carrying one very beautiful girl.
These studies, mice that are genetically their own.
Is he strong? Listen bud, he was bloody radioactive material.
Flying wing-like prayer? It's just me.
Hard dance off is another day of worry.
Her makeup is there, I saw my father to sell: it was her style, her talent, she was there. That is how she became a nurse.
Large parking lot, night and day. Howdy neighbor who squirt!
Oh, and the pee pee theater's cuckoo!
When keeping an eye on the size of sparrows.
Your path is the path untaken. Your choice is my friend.
If I was wrong please correct it on my neck stand.
Do you have something to do with courage?
We love that we will fill the lives of eight people.
Garbled excerptShowNongarbled Excerpt
Fresh out of the box. When you stop, please look at the monitor. Look. Look. Ready to get set. This is all!
Rather, I am in New York, I want to get the smell of hay fever.
Sikubidu, please come to me some. Pretend.
Come and play, all balls.
So, I was forced to eat the spinach.
The downside is, pigeons, pigeon drawback is the difficulty of pigeons, pigeons caught.
I like Alice, I love great jokes, Animal dance like a romance novel.
The man with him were two men born with the people, and got a sense of their own jeans.
Little baby, I hear someone called Bruce threw a salad and scrambled eggs.
Show me that smile and I (laughs).
Today, see all of the following Please, Violence Sex TV movie.
I held a press conference in my magic sword in the air that day, his ability, according to the strength of his big secret, 'Greyskull Power!'
Through the provision of a single one of Fred's two feet, let's ride in the street with my family.

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