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Can you name the TV Shows whose theme song lyrics have also been translated into Japanese and back into English?

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Forced Order
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I was 7 or 8, my taxi driver, pulled up to the smell around the house after the house yelled Yo!
This is a duck race car, the laser plane is blurring
Please do not throw a rope and brand just to understand them. Soon, the whole life may be high.
Love is all around, the waste is not.
Stand on the wings of my dreams. My dream is to fall on the wings of the roses.
And, if you invite you, if you threw a party for everyone, and become the greatest gift from my card, 'Thank you for being a friend, see attached, Thanks Please,' he said.
Well, it's your boss's boss, my boss. Life is unfair.
We can find a cheapie his worst, you will receive a LaLaLa. He was sitting, and you'll have to see them all, we will monitor his heart.
Hi, your dreams were sold out tickets. Backup is the same old place, welcome smile about.
2,111,111 One day, my life is my balls.
Is in our national rights and corruption by Charles
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I got my book when you look at yourself, I have been in the corner just in time, I'll show slides of the bus.
The planet of the captain, he is our heroes who do the fact that pollution is lowered to zero.
Ah, I am not the kind of kiss and tell, but I have seen The Sixth Sense. I have never seen anything less than nine, so fine.
Just a good means to harm the two-year-old boy, in all cases, never hit a day since the birth of the problems seen by law.
The east is the largest luxury apartment, running on empty.
To the right source, please contact the movement of the horse. He will support your answer.
Minuet where Cathy adores, Bareeryusu the crepe suzette, I love Patirokku and our role. You can lose control of her hot dogs. What a wild duet!
She was in Lima Bean, was arrested for stealing, it is wrong.
The bottom of the hole is going to maintain the way of the devil.
They were teenagers in the world's most horrific battles.

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