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Can you name the shows from their intros, which have been translated into Japanese and back into English?

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Come and knock on our door. We kissed her and she is here for you all, waiting.
I will start to rain pours for you. I have for you I like to have it.
My cycle hum weekend if you are ready to race. In recent years, and all are happy, free.
This neighborly Sun, this beauty is because of the beauty of wood, good-neighborly Sun. What you say about me?
Problem before China is not striped. Who care?
His brain overloaded, it is coated in chocolate, may be Jikumuntofuroito textbook.
The only people who now, his only son to keep everything together is the story of a wealthy family who lost everything.
Hampton, where a brave, Dizzy Devil's poor, Furrball unfortunately is abnormal in the afternoon.
I began to rough weather, which threw a small boat. If you have not the courage of the fearless crew, the sardines will be lost.
Museum of the American people they will come 'is to see the day. They are really screaming.
And he knew where the men and girlie men, Mister we had people like to use him again Habato Fuba.
The temporary lay-offs, good times Rippingutoredoofu easy credit, good times and survive injury, good times.
In some cases, that everyone knows your name here, they always want you I was very pleased.
Superpower flowers, bubbles, have put their lives in the fight against crime and the forces of good and evil using its ultra buttercup!
In my car, my fingers and my toes like a star, I drive a Taurus ice life.
This Biru Kosubi you to enjoy music in the future, I do not care to learn something before you do if you. Little little bit!
If you have a problem ... if anyone can help ... and if you can find them ... the team may can hire.
Smiling a little bit strange, looking happily deranged. You shoot me, did the settlement, you may still pick up the target? Sandy bit.
You better take a bad decision if the facts of life for both of them.
It can sleep at work at any time, you all right all right tomorrow? Hey Hey, your future tomorrow afternoon

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