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Can you name the Christmas songs translated into Japanese then back into english?

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Garbled excerptSongNon-garbled excerpt
Ranrararanranrararan Horidekkihoru high branches. This season, Ranrararanranrararan it’s hilarious!
He’s making a checklist of the past. He might expect to find mischief.
As shown in him, O Bethlehem, they have won the King of O. O angels saw the birth of all the happy dream.
Sleigh bells, I'm ringing it? In the lane, snow is still alive.
The rest of you gay men, God, you will see the problem, that you are disappointed.
Bells of the jingle, the fragrances of the clubbing people. I blink of the red chest has placed an egg. The clubbing mobile device forgot her tire, and the man who jokes left.
Heaven and nature Heaven and nature Heaven and nature of heaven, sing sing sing.
I am on Christmas morning, have a yacht on Christmas Day to have three boats in the future.
Please, come Christmas hat, please put a penny in the old, fat goose
Yes, our spirits and our fig pudding, oh we, oh, have a fig pudding, a pudding figure.
I am facing the group. I have a hula hoop.
Santa Claus is my grandfather, we can not say I believe that you will not like it.
Listen! The messenger angel sings the glory to birth king! On Earth's temperate mercy, God and the criminal reconciled, Peace!
Garbled excerptSongNon-garbled excerpt
They are dancing on the heads of the older dolphin and his magic hat.
The miracle O star, a night of star, with the bright imperial family's beautiful star
The jingle bell and the jingle bell wobble jingle bell vibrated and the jingle bell the eye became through roundly and swelled bushel of fun and now the jingle jump started.
Fluctuating around the Christmas tree at the party hops of Christmas
O fir tree, o fir tree, your sheets are how faithful! You do not only become green to the summer time, No also in the winter, if it snows.
This Christmas, the shops are beginning to have the same toys.
Itself lively few Christmas. Production the Christmastime-homosexual-sexual. As from now, to our problems will be gone, miles.
One of Mary, do not use it for the children to sleep on your lap?
Merry Christmas, there is a holly. This is the best time of year. If you're full of energy, I know the snow.
Ho ho ho What will I do it? Ho ho ho What will I do it? Sentonikku, [Yes, click, click, click, click, click, click Yes, click, click, click, click, click, click, Click, click,
Please rest in peace, sleep in heavenly peace in heaven.
My sheep night air, please see what you please please please please thank you. I said, 'what?'

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