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Can you name the Companies whose taglines have been translated into Japanese and back again?

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Forced Order
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Garbled taglineProductUngarbled tagline
Choose, mother. Choose the now.
The new manufacturer.
A surprise attack devastates the insect and kills.
The brains are wasteful, fearful matter.
I will cry and respect the Cocoa Puff Nine (lu, lu).
My finger licks.
Do that exactly.
The pig: which will be different and will be white.
Is it ... there it goes
A little yellow difference
Now you have played in the power supply.
Garbled taglineProductUngarbled tagline
Your finger does to make the leg work.
Good food nearby.
This will all change again.
What is barbaric.
A respects the apple, the jack will respect J.
The bet: chew chips.
The child tested the mother, who approved.
Is there something in your bill tray?
How is rescue put together?
Divergent thinking.
Home is a big lie.

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