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hintanswerand on the Simpsons...
Their self-titled debut album contained the songs 'Chainsaw' and 'Havana Affair.''Have the Rolling Stones killed.'
In this 1980 film remake, Laurence Olivier melodramatically bellows 'I have no son!!'In the Simpsons's parody of this 1980's remake, Rabbi Krustofski bellows, 'I have no son!'
Actress born in 1968 in Aukland, New Zealand, who has become a gay icon despite being straight herself.She can fly! (A wizard did it.)
The only American president to become a supreme court justice after leaving office.President with whom Monty Burns's mother had an affair.
World leader who ceded his presidency to his younger brother in 2006.Ends up the proud owner of a trillion dollar bill.
Figure based on a Turkish saint whose modern image was largely created by Clement C. Moore.In Japan, they call him Annual Gift Man, and he lives on the moon.
Cartoon Network show about a cat/bear/rabbit who wants to be a chef.Pronounce this word incorrectly in front of Robbie Quimby and suffer the consequences.
Currently on display at the Louvre, this sculpture was originally holding an apple.Homer was merely reaching for the small gummi version of this statue, not sexually harassing that young lady.
Prolific actor whose films include Laura, The Tingler, Tales of Terror, and Edward Scissorhands. Dead.Endorses a strange home craft product called 'Egg Magic.' May or may not be dead.
The only character who is a founding member of both The Avengers and The Defenders.Stan Lee successfully turned into him once! Really!
Governor of Florida during the 2000 election recount.Homer creates puppets of this man and his brother, George Jr., as a prank on his neighbor.
hintanswerand on the Simpsons...
US President during World War I whose face graces the $100,000 bill.Bart creates a fictional paramour for his teacher and names him after this man.
Actor and comedian who earned his masters in education while simultaneously appearing on The Electric Company.The humorous but wise advice in his book Parenthood saved the Simpsons.
River encountered by Lewis and Clark which flows from Yellowstone to the Pacific.Apparently Springfield's only non-organized criminal.
Region of Belgium containing Antwerp and Brussels.Family which has, in a single generation, gone from beatnik to traditional and religious.
Type of diamond shard used in drill bits and jewelry.Surprisingly common given name among visitors of Itchy and Scratchy Land.
Slang for a barbituate.Mascot for the Capital City baseball team.
Oscar-winning director who, as a child, starred in The Music Man and The Courtship of Eddie's Father.Receives copious money to direct a movie about a killer robot driving instructor who travels back in time for some reason.
Class of edible crystals. Examples include lactose, fructose, and sucrose.In America, first you get this, then you get the money, then you get the women.
The world's fourth most populous country, it is made up of over 13,000 islands.According to The Economist, it's at a crossroads.
Creator of Binky, Akbar, Jeff, and poor one-eared Bongo.His rabidly conservative idology prompted him to sneak 'NRA 4EVER' into the opening credits.

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