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HintAnswer...and on the Simpsons...
Creepy X-Men comics villain who is both a dictator and reality TV mogul. Spineless.Homer's suggestible helper monkey. Pray for him.
Katsuhiro Otomo's groundbreaking 1988 film, featuring explosions and teddy bears.He owns the sushi restaurant that almost kills Homer.
Actual law enforcement officer, famously portrayed on film and TV by Kevin Costner and Robert Stack.Parodied in the form of the blowhard Rex Banner.
1975 hit by the band War (ironically). Later covered by Smash Mouth.Homer uses it as his entrance music when he fights Drederick Tatum.
Comment by John Lennon which sparked protests in the U.S.The name of the Be-Sharps' second album.
Famous 'tough guy' actor; got his start as Vincent Price's mute assistant in 'House of Wax.'Once guest-starred on the Andy Griffith show; has a town full of doppelgangers in Missouri.
Artist famous for the works 'Running Fence' and 'Valley Curtain,' among others.Inspires Homer to flood Springfield in the name of art.
The protagonist of a masterful film trilogy made by Satyajit Ray between 1955 and 1959.Mr. Nahasapeemapetilon.
A herding dog breed known for having fur-covered eyes.Marge's maiden name.
Heavily disputed region now divided between India, Pakistan, and China.'Princess' burlesque entertainer with whom Homer is caught dancing.
Comics villain, principally of Thor and the Avengers.Comics hero, known for his catch phrase 'Up and atom!'
HintAnswer...and on the Simpsons...
The red, and most aggressive, ghost who serves as a danger to Pac Man and his wife.Mutated, three-eyed fish.
Sit-com, comics, and cartoon character created and voiced by Paul Fusco.He's back! In pog form!
An ethnic group primarily living in Burkina Faso.Mr. Burns's long-lost teddy bear.
Hunky actor known for appearing in Cocoon and the Police Academy movies.Who makes him a star? The stonecutters do!
College town in Wyoming famous for being the home of murdered student Matthew Shepard.Evil cigarette company that desperately wanted the secret of tomacco.
Sylvia Plath poem beginning with the lines, 'You do not do, do you not do / Any more, black shoe'Maggie Simpson's first word.
Character created by Bill Saluga, famous for appearing in a series of beer commercialsHe's the only guest Gabbo could get to go up against Krusty's comeback special.
Rock band who lost two of its founding members, Pete Farndorn and James Honeyman-Scott, within two days of each other.That crusty old Dean Peterson used to play bass for them.
Comedian whose first directorial effort was 1966's 'What's Up, Tiger Lily'Dumped his garbage onto Homer during a disastrous first visit to New York City.
Fictional child who is so wealthy, his middle name is actually '$.'Stands in as the Simpsons' son while the original Bart is in rehab.
Age at which Frank Sinatra had 'a very good year.'Age at which Homer drank 'a very good beer.'
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