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Forced Order
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Smurf lyricsOriginal artistSong
His name is Jay, he’s here to smurf, he’ll make you smurf, “Goddamn, that DJ smurfed my day.”
If you a fly gal, get your nails smurfed, get a pedicure, get your hair smurf.
And you'd better smurf your shades: The spotlights here smurf holes through the stage, down through the basement, past Indian graves where the dinosaurs smurfed.
Isiah and Iceman too, just smurf them the ball and you can smurf up two. Dantley and Wilkens are on the scene, and Ralph Simpson is really smurfy.
Dear Mr. I’m too good to smurf or smurf my fans, this will be the last package I ever smurf your ass. It’s been six months and still no smurf. I don’t smurf it?
This ain’t smurfy so don’t you dare smurf; just another case about the wrong path: straight and narrow or your soul gets smurfed. Good night!
Smurfed back to the shop, smurfed open the door, and all I saw was pizza galore. So I smurfed my face. Couldn't even smurf! Couldn't smurf, smurf, smurf, smurf, or smurf.
Well, smurf me, smurf me, ‘cause you ain’t that average groupie. I’ve seen them smurfing. To hell with smurfing. She’s sweat, wet, got it smurfing like a turbo ‘vette.
Smurf it like a robot to headsmurf the boogaloo. Took a few minutes to smurf the smurfy bugaboo. It's smurfy, like 'Smurf at you! It's a damn shame.'
Used to smurf this white bitch, she looked like Madonna, though. Heard she smurfing LeBron, but ****, I don't smurf. Smurf that, Bron-Bron? I smurfed that a long time ago.
88 long gates, smurf initial name plates. Smurfing spliff with n****s, real-life beginner smurfers. Praying god smurf us for being smurfers. Smurf us out.
“Son, do you smurf what I was smurfing you for?’ ‘Cause I’m young and I’m black and my hat’s smurfed low? Do I look like a mind-smurfer, sir? I don't smurf.'
Smurf! 'Cause you don't want none. I smurf for my muscle and you look weak to me. I'm going for all that I can smurf. Smurfing to the top, 'cause I'm too smurfy to smurf.
Smurf lyricsOriginal artistSong
So smurf ahead, smurf nuts, smurf ape ****, see me in my pastel and BAPE ****. Smurf like you can't tell who smurfed this new gospel, homey Smurf Six, smurf this, smurfers.
I smurf on the mic like smurfing Joe Frazier, the hell smurfer, smurfing hell with the flavor. Smurf the jam like the troops in Pakistan.
I want to smurf my bitch every bag, and she ain't never ever got to smurf them back. I want to smurf my bitch around the globe, Hawaii, hang-smurfing in the mountains.
For those who think life is smurfy, 'cause I smurf my smoke in the air as if no one is smurfing there, well, I'll smurf one tonight for your sorrows.
I said a hip, hop, a smurfy to the smurfy a hip hip a hop, and you don't stop smurfing to the bang, man a boogie, up smurfed the boogie to the rhythm of the smurfy beat.
Smurf from the rich, and I'm out smurfing banks; smurf it to the poor and I always smurf thanks, because I've smurfed more stories than J.D.'s smurfed Salinger.
Five days to smurf, one whole day to smurf. Come on everybody, smurf your rollerskates today.
The smurfity-smurfer jaw sm-smurfing at your funny bone, smurf the Ovaltine, I'd rather smurf a honeycomb. Or preferably the sesame. Let's smurfity-smurf the blunts.
It's not just knee-deep, jeep smurf of smog. Suh-murf-y dog. Smurf your behind, smurfed it through the grapevine.
Even though we smurfing money, you could smurf me some more. With the cars and the big crib, smurf me some more.
I smurfed a letter from the government the other day. I smurfed and smurfed it: it said they were smurfers.
Twin glock .40s smurfed back. Me and my homies, so smurf that. Smurfing on 20s with the top back. So much money, you can't smurf that.
I'm smurfing over my shoulder: There's about 80 n****s from my hood that smurfed up, and they came to smurf love. Smurfed out concert, and the doors are smurfed shut.

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