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It was confusing when Taylor Lautner, Keira Knightley, and Ryan Reynolds agreed to get along.A
Outlaw everything boring!B
She won an award for successfully teaching her kitten to use the toilet. What a horrible situation!C
Change the color of one ethnic group as a criticism.D
He's completely focused on his former lover, and it's weird!E
It's reckless to trick Jude the Obscure's creator.F
To cause stimulation, Hobbes's friend, no longer voiceless, leers. G
Lois's husband devoured me and my friend!.....Pause.H
Press the tab key, yes, and become a servant.I
Jack insulted the pessimistic.J
Speak softly and nap. Congratulations!K
Crystal flag next to one's uncivilized impulses.L
Sentimental, sort of like a disciple in Boston.M
A vampire who wines and dines her victims also is a person who casts evil spells.N
Sound off on (sigh) the conifer!O
What the talking head did when creating this clue.P
Fix this bad thing that happened and put your clothes back on!R
Here's the plan: behind the layers of earth, you can find a jewel.S
That man completely demolished his casual shirt. Don't give him any alcohol!T
After a moment's pause,I remarked that I was cold and brown.U
Moral excellence and much masterful technique.V
Superman's eyes sever enemy ghostbuster.X
Casually greet your friend, the farm laborer.Y
When it is windy, Pepe le Pew points out where his stripes were.Z

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