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Cinderella and her family move in to a 1980s suburb. Paul Winfield uses magic to maintain his dignity.
Jerry van Dyke's mom is reincarnated as an antique automobile.
Racial tension dominates the lives of mice, cockroaches, and other vermin who all live in the crevices of The White House.
A lawyer becomes a wild-west bounty hunter searching for the group that killed his father (and is led by a man from the future).
A recovering alcoholic desperately tries to stay sober as he works the late shift at a bus terminal. Hilarity ensues.
Dr. Jonathan Chase can turn into any animal, and he uses this ability to fight crime.
Two young bachelors dress as ladies so they can live in a women-only apartment building.
An electric man, a shrinking man, a frozen man, and a telekinetic woman collectively have the power to be superhumanly 80s.
Abraham Lincoln's slave.... wait, seriously?
A tech wizard creates a horrifying little robot girl, which he then tries to pass off as his own daughter.
A magic cap turns a mannequin into a tap-dancing goofball who comes alive during a department store's off-hours.
Two scientists travel to prehistory and hang out with cavemen... no wait, now the cavemen travel to modern times and hang around with squares.
Seven stranded castaways build a rocket, fly into outer space...... and crash again.
A half-alien, teenage girl has the ability to stop time. Other powers manifest themselves on an episode-to-episode basis.
A pair of cousins looks exactly alike, but one is intelligent and urbane, while the other is just a normal teenager with a hot dog fetish.
The world's only white ninja drives around the US fixing injustices and somehow putting up with his sassy protege.
Patrick Duffy has webbed toes and uses them to fight crime.
A grotesque, green creature gets thrown out of his undersea cave home and moves in with a young boy.
Sally Field cares for the people of San Juan using faith, kindness, charity, and the ability to transcend physics.
An alien astronaut crashes on earth and poses as a simple man's uncle. Most of the plots center around antennae.
A family from the 22nd century ends up in modern times.
A sexually submissive genie makes life difficult for an easily agitated astronaut.
A nuclear blast destroys all human life except for six people, who then have hilarious adventures.
A recently deceased idiot returns to earth to help his best friend go on dates with cheerleaders and pass history tests.
A baby has the ability to speak like an adult.
A baby cannot speak like an adult, but the audience is privileged to have access to his internal monologue.
People love Hill Street Blues, and people love singing, so.....
A 1950's sit-com family moves next door to a 1990's sit-com family. Absolutely no social satire ensues.

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