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Can you name the historical figure from the listed delusional beliefs?

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My neighbor's dog was possessed by a demon who commands me to kill people.
My name is George. I once got a bunch of my friends set on fire. Also, holy crap, I’m made of glass, somebody do something!
No one must eat fish, beans, or meat, the soul of my dead friend lives in a dog, and irrational numbers, such as the square root of 2, are unspeakably evil.
Germs are so everpresent and dangerous I have to surround myself with kleenex boxes and watch movies alone and naked for months on end.
I'm going to be a world-famous ballet dancer, painter, and much more famous author than my husband ever was.
Shooting the president is the way to make Jodie Foster like me.
A cabal of men wearing red ties are spying on me for an unknown government agency.
I am a god, my sisters are my wives, and my horse is a senator.
Hair is filthy, women are terrifying, everything must be divisible by 27, and I totally once invented a death ray that can destroy the arctic.
Depriving California's black men of beautiful white women will trigger a global race war, allowing me to rule the world.
Instead of governing, I should bankrupt myself building opulent castles which I mostly only leave to go on naked midnight sleigh rides.
The Catcher In the Rye contains a perfectly reasonable explanation for why someone would want to murder John Lennon.
I think I might be pregnant with my first psychiatrist's baby.
The world is dominated by lizard humanoids in very convincing person-suits.
I am the Emperor of the United States!

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