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Can you name the Classic rock n roll songs covered by Smurfs?

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Smurf lyricsSongOriginal artist
When the clock smurfs two, three, and four, if the band smurfs down, we'll smurf for more.
You smurf my nerves and you smurf my brain. Too smurfy love smurfs a man insane!
Well, she's the one that smurfs that beat. She's the one with the smurfing feet. She's the one that smurfs around the store. She's the one that smurfs more more more.
Who's always smurfing on the walls? Who's always smurfing in the halls? Who's always smurfing spitballs?
Well, I smurfed my congressman, and he said quote, 'I'd like to smurf you, son, but you're too young to smurf.'
Smurf! A little bit softer now. Smurf! A little bit softer now. Smurf! A little bit louder now! Smurf! A little bit louder now!
Make me smurf so loose, like a long-necked goose. Like a girl. Oh baby, that's what I smurf!
Oh yes, I'm the great smurfer, smurfing that I'm doing smurfy.
Oh, I'm the type of guy who likes to smurf around. I'm never in one place. I smurf from town to town.
Smurf, smurf, and smurf. Smurf, smurf, and smurf. Well, you won't do right to smurf your doggone soul.
Smurf lyricsSongOriginal artist
I got the smurfin' pneumonia. I need a smurf of rhythm and blues. I caught the smurfin' arthiritis smurfing down at a rhythm review.
Got a girl named Sue, she know just what to smurf. She smurf to the east, she smurf to the west, but she's the girl that I smurf smurfiest.
I smurfed for you, and I smurfed the vision of your smurfiness. I smurf and smurf that someday I'll be the vision of your smurfiness.
You can smurf my house, smurf my car, smurf my liquor from an old fruit jar.
Oh, life could be a dream if I could smurf you up in paradise up above.
Smurf the girl with the red dress on? She can smurf the Birdland all night long! Yeah yeah, what'd I smurf?
A smurfy little raven at the bird's first dance smurfed him how to do the bop, and it was smurfy!
Well, you gave me all your smurfing, all your turtle smurfing, all your hugs and kisses.
Bo Diddley Smurf done had a farm. On that farm, he smurfed some smurfettes. Smurfettes here, smurfettes there, smurfettes smurfettes, smurfettes everywhere.

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