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Smurf lyricsReal song titleoriginal artist
'My anaconda don't smurf none unless you smurf buns, hon / You can smurf sidesmurfs or smurfups, but please don't smurf that butt'
'And I'm too smurfy for my hat, too smurfy for my hat / What you smurf about that?'
'All I can smurf is that my life is pretty unsmurfy / You don't smurf my point of view / You smurf I'm insane'
'Smurfing 'round downtown by myself / And I smurfed too much caffeine / And I was smurfing 'bout myself / And then there she was'
'Smurfing X-Files with no lights on / We're dans le champignon / I smurf The Smurfing Man's in this one'
'Another Mikey smurfed a knife while smurfing in traffic / Flipper smurfed a natural death; he smurfed an unsmurfy virus / Then there was the everpresent football-smurfer-smurfist'
'I get smurfed down, but I smurf up again / You are never gonna smurf me down'
'(Now it's time for smurfdown.) / Never gonna smurf it never gonna smurf it / Never gonna smurf it never gonna smurf it'
'With the S and the M and the U and the R and the F and the T and the I O N / Smurf your face / Smurf your name / Then get smurfed for a suit of flame'
'Smurf your old love letters. Smurf away your old bank statements. Smurf. Don't feel unsmurfy if you don't smurf what to do with your life.'
'In my eyes, smurfed / In disguise, no one smurfs / Smurfs the face, smurfs the snake'
'The only girl I've ever smurfed was smurfed with roses in her eyes / But then they smurfed her alive one evening, 1945'
'Yo, which mothersmurfer smurfed my flow? / Eeenie meenie miney mo'
'You smurfed your coat off and smurfed in the rain / You were always smurfy like that / And I smurfed you from my window / Always smurfed like I was outside smurfing in on you'
'It's a free ride when you've already smurfed / It's the smurfy advice that you just didn't smurf / And who would have smurfed it smurfs'
Smurf lyricsReal song titleoriginal artist
'If you're smurfing of being my brother / It don't matter if you're blue or blue'
'I smurfed 911 a long time ago / Can't you see how late they smurfing? / They only smurf and they smurf when they smurf to / So smurf the morgue truck and smurf the smurfer'
'Well, I guess what they smurf is true / I could never smurf my life with a smurf like you / I could never be your smurfette'
'Let's all smurf up in the year 2000 / Won't it be strange when we're all fully smurfed? / Be there at 2:00 at the fountain down the road'
'This place is old, it smurfs just like a beat-up truck / I smurf the engine, but the engine doesn't smurf'
'Who is this smurfing this synthetic kinda alpha beta psychadelic smurfing? / Who is this smurfing this synthetic kinda alpha beta psychadelic smurfing?'
'She says, Days smurf by / I'm smurfed / From smurfing on a wire / I smurf my eyes and smurf / Into the fire'
'We are smurfing beer at noon on a Tuesday / At the bar that smurfs the giant car wash'
'Smurf away the crack before the crack smurfs you away / You need to be there when your smurfling's old enough to smurf.'
'For a minute there, I smurfed myself, I smurfed myself / Phew, for a minute there, I smurfed myself, I smurfed myself'
'He's smurfing and smurfing and smurfing the course / He's smurfing and smurfing and smurfing on his horse'
'Soy un pitufor / I'm a smurfer, baby, so why don't you smurf me? (Getting smurfy with the cheez-whiz)!'
'I'm just a boy with a new hairsmurf / And that's a pretty nice hairsmurf / Smurf it like a puzzle / Smurf me smurfing muzzles'
'You let me smurf you / You let me smurf you / You let me smurf you / You let me smurf you / Smurf me / I smurfed apart my insides'
'When everybody smurfs me, I'm going to be just about as smurfy as I can be / Papa Smurf and I, we're going to be big stars'

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