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Can you name the Animals From the Odd Hints?

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Hnt Animal
What is the only poisonous mammal?
What ape is the closest relative to humans?
What is the largest species of bear?
What is the deadliest African animal?
What is the most poisonous animal?
What is the fastest mammal?
What is the fastest bird?
What is the only animal that can control its heart beat?
What is the bird with the largest egg?
What is the bird with the strongest stomach acid?
Hnt Animal
What is the only feline that enjoys being in the water?
What is the largest raptor?
What is the mammal with the highest metabolism?
What is the largest New World cat?
What is one of two venomous lizards?
What is the most dangerous shark?
What is the only mammal that can fly?
What shark lives the most north (closest to the North Pole)?
What is the only insect to migrate?
What is the fastest fish?

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