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An ERA where the topic of federal funding came into debate as well as the addition of affirmative action
Time period when E.D. Hirsch released his book A Nation at Risk which prposed the idea of making education less progressive
A time period where many demanded higher test scores and to guaranteer students were learning
Measured student's performance and rejects the traditional focus of what schools provide to students
Time period when George W. Bush passed the No Child Left Behind bill
Passed on June 14, 2001 and is based on four principles
Ensures students are learning, teachers are given more resources, allows students to move to better schools, etc.
Schools forced to target lowest achieving students, funds often taken away that schools need, many school programs are cut in states, etc.
Court case where a Chinese student sued the San Francisco Board of Education because he did not recieve the bilingual education give to other students
Court case where 20 African American students attempted to enroll in a white elementary school in Kansas but were denied

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