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Can you name the reasons Harry Potter characters got detentions throughout the series?

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WhyWhoExtra Info
Failing to turn in Transfiguration homework twice in a rowDuring Hogsmeade trip when Katie Bell was attacked
Yelling at SnapePickle rats' brains/50 points lost
Hitting Harry with a Bludger after Quidditch match finishedLines
Speaking truth about Voldemort/Calling Umbridge a liar/talking back to her about Quirrell/Quibbler interviewThis happened three times to him. Write 'I must not tell lies' with Umbridge's blood quill/loss of 50 points
Wandering the castle in the dead of nightHave to search Forbidden Forest for unicorn/total of 170 points lost
Criticizing the way Snape taught Lupin's DADA classHave to clean bedpans in hospital wing without magic
Sabotaging a Quidditch game between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.Dressed like dementors, 50 points lost
Melting his sixth cauldron in PotionsDisembowel barrel of horned toads
WhyWhoExtra Info
Producing water instead of wine and sending Flitwick flying across the classroom with the power of the water, not paying attention in Charms class.Writing: 'I am a wizard, not a baboon brandishing a stick.'
'There's no need to call me sir, Professor'Sorting rotten flobberworms from good ones
Sectumsempra use/lyingRe-writing Filch's records
Attacking Malfoy after a Quidditch matchWere also banned from 'ever playing Quidditch again' along with Fred
Coming to Hogwarts in flying Ford AngliaHave to polish silver in trophy room without magic
Cheeked Umbridge about Educational Decree 26Lines with Umbridge's blood quill
Coming to Hogwarts in flying Ford AngliaHave to help answer Lockhart's fan mail

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