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Can you name the info on the Black family tree drawn by JK Rowling?

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The most recent Black family house-elf?
The Black motto?
Which means?
Which Black was a Hogwarts Headmaster?
Who did he marry?
How many children did they have?
Who is Sirius's mother?
Who is Sirius's father?
Who is Sirius's brother?
Who started the tradition of beheading house-elves when they grew too old to carry tea trays?
WHOSE DESCENDANT: is Marcus Flint?
Is Millicent Bulstrode?
Is Mr. Burke?
Is Yaxley?
Is Ernie Macmillian?
Is Vincent Crabbe?
Is Harry Potter?
Is Neville Longbottom?
Is Barty Crouch?
Is Fabian Prewett?
Is Evan Rosier?
BURN OFFs: Who for 'marrying Muggle Bob Hitchens'?
Who supported Muggle rights?
Who was a squib?
Who did Cedrella marry to get burned off?
Who gave gold to his runaway nephew?
Who got blasted off for running away?
Who for 'marrying Muggle Ted Tonks'?

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