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Forced Order
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In what book does he first appear?
What Quidditch position does he play?
What is his signature move?
Who does he play against during the Quidditch World Cup?
Bulgarian mascot?
His wand is made of what?
Who made his wand?
What school does Viktor go to?
Who is his Headmaster?
How does he arrive at Hogwarts in the fourth book?
What country is he from?
In the Goblet of Fire, what does he visit Hogwarts for?
In the first task, he uses a spell aimed at what part of the dragon?
What dragon does he face?
What item does he acquire from beneath the dragon?
In the second task, he has to stay underwater for how long?
Who does he have to save during this task?
Though not preformed correctly, he uses Transfiguration to change into what animal?
When the champions gather to discover what the third task will be, Krum correctly guesses that they will have to go through a ____.
After this meeting, he wants a word with _____.
Wanting to know if he really likes ________.
But who disrupts their conversation?
Who cursed Krum while the third task was going on?
In The Deathly Hallows, he attends whose wedding?
At said wedding, he tells whom about Grindelwald's mark?
Who was wearing this 'mark'?
Over the years, Krum keeps in contact with who?
True or False: Stanislav Ianevski plays Viktor Krum in the HP movies?

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