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Can you name the info about the great Severus Snape!?!?

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Snape was born on (date):
His mother's name:
His father's name:
Which of his parents was magical:
His childhood friend:
His house is on what street:
Snape is Sorted into which Hogwarts House:
His first job at Hogwarts:
He is instructed to teach Harry what private lesson:
The cover-up for the above lessons was that Harry was taking:
In Harry's 6th year, Snape teaches:
In the 7th Harry Potter book, Snape is the _____ of Hogwarts:
Who takes over his post as Head of Slytherin House:
Snape's hair colour:
His eye colour:
The colour of robes he is always seen in:
Severus Snape is a member of what organization:
He is also a part of which Dark group:
Snape has which sign burned into his left forearm:
He is killed in the (place):
Snape dies on (date):
'You are here to learn the _____ ______ and exact art of potion making...'(PS/SS)
'The delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, ______ the mind, _____ the senses...'(PS/SS)
'I can teach you how to bottle ___, brew ____, and even stopper ____.' (PS/SS)
'No part of your body has permission to be in ______.'(PoA)
'The Dark Arts are ____, ______, ____-______, and _______.' (HBP)
'There's no need to call me ___, Professor.'(HBP)
'Then why does it have the name _____ _____ written inside the front cover?'(HBP)
In DADA class with Snape in HBP, Snape gestures to pictures of people who suffered which three things:
In the Epilogue, Harry remembers Snape as 'the ______ man I ever knew.'

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