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Forced Order
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HintAnswerFrom the Episode:
Things Draco likes. In Order. From the song in Draco Puppet:Potter Puppet Pals : Draco Puppet
-bumblebees and Winnie the Pooh-Potter Puppet Pals : Draco Puppet
-used with toothbrush every morning-Potter Puppet Pals : Draco Puppet
-I'm rich!-Potter Puppet Pals : Draco Puppet
-clowns-Potter Puppet Pals : Draco Puppet
-found in toolbox-Potter Puppet Pals : Draco Puppet
-one of Dumbledore's favorite hobbies-Potter Puppet Pals : Draco Puppet
-like a gymnast-Potter Puppet Pals : Draco Puppet
-Incendio!-Potter Puppet Pals : Draco Puppet
How does Ron spell the word 'parents?'Potter Puppet Pals : Ron's Parents
What do Snape and Hermione try to kill Harry with?Potter Puppet Pals : Harry's Nightmares
In what PPP episode do the Dark Lord and the Half-Blood Prince grow facial hair?-
'Now, since lice are magical creatures, you must venture to the edge of the forbidden forest, to seek the help of Hagrid, the ____ half-giant. He'll know what to do!' -DumbledorePotter Puppet Pals : Ron's Disease
What does the sign near the door inside Hagrid's hut say?Potter Puppet Pals : Ron's Disease
Who pointed out (in front of the entire faculty) that Snape lost a button on his cloak?Potter Puppet Pals : Snape's Diary
Hermione-'Ohh Ron.' Ron-'It's ________ now.'Potter Puppet Pals : The Vortex
Hermione- 'Eww what's that smell?' Ron- 'Why it's Snape's greatest ______ of all'Potter Puppet Pals : Wizard Angst
What is the first wizard swear mentioned? -Potion basin+buttox-Potter Puppet Pals : Wizard Swears
Name all the puppet characters shown in the Potter Puppet Pals. -main ch.--
-the sidekick--
-teddylupin_----- --
-butternut squash--
-the dark lord--
-he likes Fire!--
-harry's biggest friend--

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