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Can you name the Harry Potter Chapter Titles Based On The Chapters Before and After It?

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The Lost DiademThe Battle of Hogwarts
Felix FelicisA Very Frosty Christmas
Hagrid's TaleSt. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries
The House of GauntSilver and Opals
Christmas on the Closed WardThe Beetle at Bay
The Elder WandThe Forest Again
The Flight of the PrinceThe White Tomb
The Ghoul in PyjamasThe Wedding
Luna LovegoodProfessor Umbridge
The Seer OverheardThe Lightning-Struck Tower
A Very Frosty ChristmasBirthday Surprises
Malfoy ManorShell Cottage
Birthday SurprisesLord Voldemort's Request
The Tale of the Three BrothersMalfoy Manor
The Woes of Mrs. WeasleyThe Sorting Hat's New Song
The Beetle at BayThe Centaur and the Sneak
King's CrossNineteen Years Later
The Lost ProphecyThe Other Minister
The ThiefGodric's Hollow
The White TombIn Memoriam
Dumbledore's ArmyHagrid's Tale
Horace SlughornDraco's Detour
The Sacking of Severus SnapeThe Elder Wand
A Place to HideThe Bribe
The Phoenix LamentThe Dark Lord Ascending
The Will of Albus DumbledoreA Place to Hide
The Lightning-Struck TowerThe Phoenix Lament
Will and Won'tAn Excess of Phlegm
The CaveThe Flight of the Prince
Percy and PadfootIn the Hog's Head
The Eye of the SnakeChristmas on the Closed Ward
The Unbreakable VowA Sluggish Memory
The Sorting Hat's New SongDetention With Dolores
An Excess of PhlegmThe Slug Club
Elf TailsThe Unknowable Room
The Battle of HogwartsThe Prince's Tale
Snape's Worst MemoryGrawp
The Slug ClubThe Half-Blood Prince
Magic is MightThe Thief
The Noble and Most Ancient House of BlackThe Hearing
The Final Hiding PlaceThe Lost Diadem
The Fallen WarriorThe Will of Albus Dumbledore
Silver and OpalsFelix Felicis
O.W.L.sFight and Flight
Bathilda's SecretThe Silver Doe
The Unknowable RoomHorcruxes
The Forest AgainThe Flaw in the Plan
GrawpOut of the Fire
GringottsThe Missing Mirror
Xenophilius LovegoodThe Deathly Hallows
A Sluggish MemoryElf Tails
The Prince's TaleKing's Cross
The Ministry of MagicThe Woes of Mrs. Weasley
The Dark Lord AscendingThe Dursleys Departing
The WeddingKreacher's Tale
The Seven PottersThe Ghoul in Pyjamas
The Muggle-Born Registration CommissionThe Goblin's Revenge
Spinner's EndHorace Slughorn
Seen and UnforeseenSnape's Worst Memory
HorcruxesThe Seer Overheard
Shell CottageThe Final Hiding Place
The Silver DoeThe Tale of the Three Brothers
The Second War BeginsSpinner's End
The Other MinisterWill and Won't
Out of the FireThe Department of Mysteries
St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and InjuriesOcclumency
Fight and FlightBeyond the Veil
The Life and Lies of Albus DumbledoreXenophilius Lovegood
The HearingLuna Lovegood
OcclumencySeen and Unforeseen
Kreacher's TaleMagic is Might
The Department of MysteriesThe Only One He Ever Feared
The Flaw in the Plan-
The Missing MirrorThe Sacking of Severus Snape
The Hogwarts High InquisitorEducational Decree Number Twenty-Four
SectumsempraThe Cave
The Dursleys DepartingThe Fallen Warrior
The BribeThe Muggle-Born Registration Commission
The Half-Blood PrinceHermione's Helping Hand
The WandmakerGringotts
Snape VictoriousThe House of Gaunt
Beyond the VeilThe Lost Prophecy
In MemoriamThe Seven Potters
The Secret RiddleThe Unbreakable Vow
Lord Voldemort's RequestAfter the Burial
The Only One He Ever FearedThe Second War Begins
Educational Decree Number Twenty-FourThe Lion and the Serpent
Professor UmbridgePercy and Padfoot
Hermione's Helping HandThe Secret Riddle
Godric's HollowThe Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore
Draco's DetourSnape Victorious
After the BurialSectumsempra
Detention With DoloresThe Hogwarts High Inquisitor
Career AdviceO.W.L.s
In the Hog's HeadDumbledore's Army
The Goblin's RevengeBathilda's Secret
The Centaur and the SneakCareer Advice
The Lion and the SerpentThe Eye of the Snake
The Deathly HallowsThe Wandmaker

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