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Can you name the answers for questions all about the Hogwarts Staff?

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His Pet Phoenix's Name:
The Subject He Taught:
His Role During Harry's Time At Hogwarts:
Gave Harry Lessons Pertaining To Which Individual:
Began Which Organization Created To Fight Voldemort:
After He Left In Harry's 5th Year, Who Became Headmistress
His Hair Colour Before It Greyed:
Shape Of His Glasses:
Has A Scar That He Says Is A Perfect Map Of The:
His Predecessor:
MINERVA MCGONAGALL- Subject She Teaches:
Her Birthday:
She Is Head Of Which Hogwarts House?
Her Role During Harry's Time At Hogwarts:
Her Animagus Form:
Was Hit By How Many Stunning Spells In Harry's 5th Year?
The Spell She Uses To Animate The Suits Of Armour Prior To The Battle Of Hogwarts
The Shape Of Her Glasses:
Allowed Harry To Use Her Classroom While He Was Prepping For What?
Hair Colour:
The Kind Of Biscuits She Offered Harry In His 5th Year:
SEVERUS SNAPE- First Subject He Taught:
Second (And Preferred) Subject He Taught:
Last Position At Hogwarts He Held:
His Birthday:
His Mother's Name:
His Father's(And Presumably His Middle) Name:
Head Of Which Hogwarts House:
Became A Member Of Which Organization Founded By Dumbledore:
He Kills:
Fell In Love With:
Is Killed By:
POMONA SPROUT- What Subject Does She Teach?
Head Of Which Hogwarts House:
Which Student Took Over Her Post After He Finished School:
Brewed Which Crying Plants To Save Petrified People:
Which Plant She Used To Protect The Philosopher's Stone
What Do You Use Do Defeat (above):
Which Student From Her House Became A Hogwarts Champion In The Triwizard Tournament
She Gave Harry How Many House Points For Passing Her A Watering Can:
Had These Strange Flowers That Lavender And Parvati Wouldn't Give To Trelawney
Her Best Student:

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