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Can you name the beasts from the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?

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Mosag is one
Made from a magical fire burning unchecked too long
Also known as Irish Phoenix
King of Serpents
Their stings are used in Fizzing Whizbees
Manticore+Fire Crab=
Has numerous spindly legs
Good at magical healing, divination, archey, and astronomy
Cross between a lion, goat, and dragon
Crab-like parasites
Cross between a monkey and frog
Terrier with a forked tail
Can become invisible
The 'Dodo'
Sometimes known as the 'Biting Fairy'
Only Hagrid is crazy enough to want one of these...
It's not a Crumple-Horned Snorkack, Xeno!
Lairy Fights, that's the one!
Looks more like a jewelled tortise:
Pretty boring. (To the dissapointment of Harry's COMC class)
Their song will drive you mad:
The _____ in Pyjamas
Grey, furry, flying insect:
These things must love the Weasleys!
Trolls like to ride these:
The trick is to break its grip
Part fish, part horse:
They're very proud creatures, Draco!
Its just a boring, hairy mushroom
Pepper ___:
Overgrown, talking ferret:
Doesn't make a sound untill its death.
More commonly found in Japan, Snape!
The Loch Ness Monster is a:
They won't drink your milk...
Maybe Crookshanks can help with this one.
Their gold isn't real...
Also known as 'Living Shroud'
Lives at the bottom of the North Sea
Looks like a lobster.
Cross between a man, a lion, and a scorpion.
Not all as beautiful as you'd think..
Harry got a pouch made of it's skin.
Dance during the full moon.
It's essence will take care of Umbridge's detention side-affects.
Hagrid wasn't throwing them in Dolores's office.
A demon
Giant Leopard with deadly breath
Plumed, two-legged creature with a serpentine body.
Maybe Fawkes knows this one.
Watch out, Gilderoy!
Luna fishes for them.
Russian demon
Arnold is a mini:
Were originally humans; Harry found a skeleton of it in the Room of Requirement
Silver fish
Lives where blood has been shed
Golden Ox
Three-headed snake
Don't feed them firecrackers...Fred and George tried that.
Horse-like head and Snake-like body
Spine fish
Quidditch, anyone?'d Wait er's a sound. It's spider!
Colour-Changing snail
Ash-Coloured warthog
Quirrell can help you with this one!
Vampires will have a half-life if they attack these.
They're not all bad.
How else are the students of Beauxbatons supposed to get to Hogwarts??
Lockhart defeated one of these in the snow. (Or so he says...)
A valley-dwelling dragon:
Krum got past this one:
Fleur got past this one:
The noble and most ancient house of: ?Dragon?
Harry flew his way past this one:
Baby Norbert:
The smallest dragon:
Combination of where Charlie works and a Texas sports team:
Cedric got past this one:
The largest dragon breed:
Maxime's Winged Horses:
Chestnut coloured ones:
Grey and Fast:
Have you seen death?

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