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Can you name the Can You Guess MY Favorite Characters From Harry Potter? WARNING: some are VERY oddball?

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It's NOT spew..
You must not tell lies.
Twitchy, little ferret
At least he's got both ears..
I don't think much of your manners..
She's moving through boyfriends pretty fast, don't you think
She's an odd girl...
Seems to have a deep understanding of dementors and werewolves
Don't you just love deadly necklaces..
She's the flower's little sister
An Excess of :
At least he can put up with Phlegm
Watch what you drink, Harry..
Gryffindor Chaser
You-Know-Who she gave birth to...
The Almost-Chosen One
That's what you get for using Ron's broken wand
Little Gryffindor with the name of a clothing store
Stressing out over those OWLs
Remember my last...
Ginny's got a poster of her in her room...
I wonder how death tastes...(Initials: AD)
Potty lurves Loony!
His sister-in-law's a maniac
Last known MOM

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