300 Harry Potter Questions!

Can you name the 300 Answers Relating To Harry Potter?

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Best Passing Grade
Second-Best Passing Grade
Lowest Passing Grade
First Failing Grade
Second-Lowest Failing Grade
Lowest Failing Grade
What Does S.P.E.W. Stand For
Who Taught Transfiguration
Who Taught Charms
Who Taught Herbology
Who Taught Potions
Who Taught Defence Against the Dark Arts
Who Taught Care of Magical Creatures
Who Taught Divination
Who Taught Astronomy
Who Taught Arithmancy
Who Taught Muggle Studies
Who Taught History of Magic
Caretaker at Hogwarts
Librarian at Hogwarts
Matron at Hogwarts
Hagrid's Boarhound
Hagrid's Three-Headed Dog
Hagrid's Acromantula
Hagrid's Hippogriff
Hagrid's Dragon
Filch's Cat
Neville's Toad
Hermione's Cat/Kneazle
Ron's Rat
Ron's Owl
Harry's Owl
Percy's Owl
Ginny's Pygmy Puff
What Did Lupin Privately Teach Harry (Year 3)
What Did Snape Privately Teach Harry (Year 5)
What Did Harry Privately Teach (Year 5)
About Whom Did Dumbledore Privately Teach Harry (Year 6)
Malfoy's House Elf
Black's House Elf
Crouch's House Elf
Smith's House Elf
Harry's Aunt
Harry's Uncle
Harry's Cousin
Vernon's Sister
Petunia's Sister
Luna's Father
Neville's Mother
Neville's Father
Neville's Grandmother
Voldemort's Mother
Voldemort's Uncle
Voldemort's Grandfather
Harry's Father
Tom Riddle Sr.'s Girlfriend
Gryffindor House Ghost
Ravenclaw House Ghost
Slytherin House Ghost
Hufflepuff House Ghost
Hogwarts Poltergeist
Ghost of the Hogwarts Bathroom
Ghost Professor
Founder of Slytherin (First Name)
Founder of Ravenclaw (First Name)
Founder of Hufflepuff (First Name)
Founder of Gryffindor (First Name)
Harry's Enemy at Hogwarts
His Cronies
Three Broomsticks Bartender
Hog's Head Barman
Owner of Robe Shop in Diagon Alley
Wandmaker in Diagon Alley
Leaky Cauldron Barman
DADA Year 1
DADA Year 2
DADA Year 3
DADA Year 4
DADA Year 5
DADA Year 6
(DA)DA Year 7
Ginny Weasley's First Boyfriend
Ginny Weasley's Second Boyfriend
Ginny Weasley's Third Boyfriend
Weasley Mother
Weasley Father
Weasley Child 1
Weasley Child 2
Weasley Child 3
Weasley Child 4
Weasley Child 5
Weasley Child 6
Weasley Child 7
Anti-Death Eater Radio Station
Date Hogwarts Express Leaves Kings Cross
Time Hogwarts Express Leaves Kings Cross
Name of the Competition at Hogwarts (Year 4)
French School That Attended
Champion From Above School
'Bulgarian' School That Attended
Champion From Above School
Host School
Champion From Above School
Other Champion From Above School
First Task Was to Capture an Egg of a:
Second Task Was to Save Someone From Under the:
Third Task Was to Navigate Your Way Through a:
Apparition Instructor
First 'D' Stands For:
Second 'D' Stands For:
Third 'D' Stands For:
Followers of Voldemort
Seeker for the Irish National Team
Mrs. Weasley's Favourite Singer
Wizard Rock Band
First Minister of Magic (During Books)
Second Minister of Magic (During Books)
Third Minister of Magic (During Books)
Fourth Minister of Magic (During Books)
Shape of Harry's and James's Patronus
Shape of Hermione's Patronus
Shape of Ron's Patronus
Shape of Albus's Patronus
Shape of Lily's and Severus's Patronus
Shape of Aberforth's Patronus
Shape of Luna's Patronus
Shape of Ginny's Patronus
Shape of Cho's Patronus
Ludo Bagman's Quidditch Position
Cormac McLaggen's Quidditch Position
Cho Chang's Quidditch Position
Ginny's Preferred Quidditch Position
What is the Core of the Elder Wand
Viktor's Signature Quidditch Move
First of Voldemort's Horcruxes Destroyed (Most Basic Description)
Second of Voldemort's Horcruxes Destroyed (Most Basic Description)
Third of Voldemort's Horcruxes Destroyed (Most Basic Description)
Fourth of Voldemort's Horcruxes Destroyed (Most Basic Description)
Fifth of Voldemort's Horcruxes Destroyed (Most Basic Description)
Sixth of Voldemort's Horcruxes Destroyed (Most Basic Description)
Seventh of Voldemort's Horcruxes Destroyed (Most Basic Description)
Seven Potters 'Protector' of Harry 'Harry'
Seven Potters 'Protector' of Ron 'Harry'
Seven Potters 'Protector' of Hermione 'Harry'
Seven Potters 'Protector' of Fred 'Harry'
Seven Potters 'Protector' of George 'Harry'
Seven Potters 'Protector' of Fleur 'Harry'
Seven Potters 'Protector' of Mundungus 'Harry'
Who Was the First to Create a Basilisk
The Twelfth Use of Dragon's Blood
First 'Person' Petrified (Year 2)
Second Person Petrified (Year 2)
Third 'Person' Petrified (Year 2)
Fourth Person Petrified (Year 2)
Fifth Person Petrified (Year 2)
Sixth Person Petrified (Year 2)
Whose Birthday Is: 9th January
Whose Birthday Is: 30th January
Whose Birthday Is: 6th February
Whose Birthday Is: 1st March
Whose Birthday Is: 10th March
Whose Birthday Is: 27th March
Whose Birthday Is: 1st April
Whose Birthday Is: 15th May
Whose Birthday Is: 5th June
Whose Birthday Is: 28th June
Whose Birthday Is: 30th July
Whose Birthday Is: 31st July
Whose Birthday Is: 11th August
Whose Birthday Is: 22nd August
Whose Birthday Is: 19th September
Whose Birthday Is: 4th October
Whose Birthday Is: 17th October
Whose Birthday Is: 30th October
Whose Birthday Is: 29th November
Whose Birthday Is: 6th December
Whose Birthday Is: 12th December
Whose Birthday Is: 31st December
Class Taken by First Year: Star-Gazing
Class Taken by First Year: Plants
Class Taken by First Year: Changing This -> That
Class Taken by First Year: Kinda Like Cooking Class
Class Taken by First Year: Basic Magical Spells
Class Taken by First Year: Something..zzz.About..zzz...Giant..zz..Wars....zzzzzzzz
Class Taken by First Year: I-i-i-t-t i-i-s-s t-i-m-m-e-e t-t-o l-l-e-e-a-r-n
Class Taken by First Year: No Time For Walking!
CHAIN TIME! Antagonist's Mother
Her Brother
His Father
Inherited a Locket from Whom?
Which was Tampered Dark-Magically with By
Who's Grandfather Also Inherited Which Magial Fairy-Tale Item
Which Was: (One of Three)
The Largest of Which Was Originally Given to:
What Was He Given?
The Final Hallow:
Which Was Given To:
His Middle Brother Is:
END CHAIN! How Many O.W.L.s Did Hermione Get?
How Many Children Did Molly and Arthur Have?
Gringotts Vault That Held the Philosopher's Stone
How Many Horcruxes Did Voldemort Make?
How Many Hogwarts Houses Are There?
At What Age Do Wizards Become Adults?
Points Given For the Capture of the Snitch
Points Given For a Goal with the Quaffle
Year Harry Was Born
Year James and Lily Died
How Many Unforgivable Curses Are There?
The Dursley's Address: _ Privet Drive:
Sirius's Address: __ Grimmauld Place:
How Long Was Sirius in Azkaban:
Age Harry Started Hogwarts:
'Turn to Page ___'
SURNAME SECTION! Augustus _______
Charity _______
Hestia _____
Oliver ____
Angelina ________
Katie ____
Alicia ______
Augusta __________
Romilda ____
Xenophilius ________
Colin _______
Rolanda ____
Wilhelmina ______-_____
Zacharias _____
Pius ________
Lee ______
Piers _______
Padma ____
Antioch _______
Dedalus ______
Blaise _____
Stan ________
Walden _______
Roger _____
Miles _________
Morfin _____
Bertha _______
Gabrielle ________
Antonin _______
Pansy __________
Lucius ______
Vincent _____
Gregory _____
RANDOM! Wizarding Coin of Largest Value
Wizarding Coin of Least Value
Other Type of Wizarding Coin
How Many Players on a Quidditch Team
Player Who Guards the Goalposts
Players Who Scores Goals
Number of Chasers
The Ball They Deal With
Players Who Keep 'Dangerous' Balls Away From Their Team
Number of Beaters
Balls They Deal With
Other Player
Ball They Deal With
Number of Goalposts on a Pitch
Players in a Match
SPOUSE! Who Did Bill Marry?
Who Did Percy Marry?
Who Did George Marry?
Who Did Ron Marry?
Who Did Ginny Marry?
Who Did Neville Marry?
Who Did Draco Marry?
SHOPS! Shopping Village Outside of Hogwarts
Clothing Store Located There
Candy Shop Located There
'Haunted' Building Located There
Quill and Parchment Shop Located There
Tea Shop Located There
Large Crowded Pub Located There
Quiet Pub Located There
Joke Shop Located There
Shopping Street Located Underneath London
Pub Located At the Entrance
Wand Shop
Robe Shop
Shop That Sells Potions Ingredients
Book Shop
Ice Cream Shop
Joke Shop
Dark Alley Located Off of Above Location
Shop Here That Harry Has Visited
Object Here That Draco Used By Mending It's 'Brother'
Object Here That Draco Has Purchased In An Attempt To Kill Dumbledore
Object Here That Draco Has Purchased In Order To See Through Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder
CHAPTERS! First Of Book 1
First Of Book 2
First Of Book 3
First Of Book 4
First Of Book 5
First Of Book 6
First Of Book 7
Last Chapter Of Book 7 (Before Epilogue)

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