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Forced Order
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Clue 1MapSize
Big tower in the middle with little coverExtremely Small
Close-Range city in PakistanMedium Size
Snowy place with a train in the middleReally Big
Snowy place with water surrounding on 3 sidesMedium Size
Clue 1MapSize
Big fallen apart airplane in the middle, in the desertMedium Size
In Brazil with many compact buildings where you can get on the rooftopsMedium Small
Compact buildings include a diner and garageMedium Size
2 broken apart airplanes that take up much of the mapSmall
Clue 1MapSize
Toxic plains with a bunker throughout the mapHuge
Close building with playground near the middleMedium
Big mansion with other grassy parts surrounding itFairly Big
Some close-range combat at a rock excavation siteMedium
Clue 1MapSize
Small stream in middle separating the two sideBig
Rainy place with many building and some accessible rooftopsBig
Airport with big gas tank and airplane in middleMedium
Two office buildings on opposite sides in which the rooftops are accessible Fairly Big

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