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Can you name the Main Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Characters?

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Forced Order
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NephewMain Character
UncleHeavy Figure
AuntSister of Main Characters Mom
Banks 2nd ChildOldest Boy
Banks Youngest ChildYoungest Boy
Banks Oldest ChildOldest Girl
Banks 3rd ChildYougest Girl
Main Characters MomOldest Smith Sister
Main Characters FriendGets Thrown Out of the House
Main Characters FriendGot Held Back Many Times
The ButlerBritish
Divorced of the 4 Smith SistersDIVA
Main Characters Girlfriend from PhillyAlso Plays Basketball
Hilary's BoyfriendHe dies
Youngest of The Smith SistersMarried a White Man
GrannyOverprotected By Her Son
GrandpaAlso Dies
Basketball CoachAlso Teaches
Main Characters White Friend at Bel Air PrepHe's a Follower of the Main Character
Opposing JudgeAlso Dies

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