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Can you name the location of powers/rights enumerated in the U.S. Constitution and its amendments?

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Power in Constitution?Article & Section or Amendment
Build Postal Roads
Right to trial by jury
Declare war
Right to free speech
Right to keep and bear arms
Right to habeas corpus
Constitutional convention outlined
Impose taxes
Regulate commerce
Right to freedom from warrantless searches
Run health care
Assist agriculture
Borrow money
Try cases of impeachment
Guarantee republican government to states
Coin money
Spend money
Command militia when in federal service
Make naturalization (citizenship) laws
Power in Constitution?Article & Section or Amendment
Right to freedom of religion
Unenumerated powers reserved to states or people
Right against 'cruel and unusual punishments'
Social security
Punish counterfeiters
Fix standards of weights and measures
Punish piracies on high seas
Decide lawsuits in common law
Pardon criminals
Copyright and patent laws
Make rules for Army and Navy
Right against ex post facto law
Create courts inferior to Supreme Court
Appoint judges
Appoint officers in militia
Transportation management
Right to freedom of assembly
Slavery abolished
Housing assistance
Write/ratify treaties with foreign nations

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