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QUIZ: Can you name the Howard Stern WackPack?

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Spell red
George Harvey
Tongued Benji Bronk
Went to the moon
Wackpack Bowling Champion
I'm Kelly Clarkson
Lost job to a cinder block
Has Rock Star Hair
Former Supermarket Worker
Only known talent--Holding signs
Related to Beyonce
Sounds and looks like Herman Munster
Sat on Mike Morales' face
Steve Langford wants him to go to jail
She loves a parade
Once put a tomato in her butt
Born without an anus
Has gastritis, it is
Lispy Lynn
Gina Dance
Music trivia genius
Russian nincompoop
His disease is his name
Appeared with Bill Maher
Wanted to play road with Robin
Blows smoke through his eyes
Wake up white people
Has cerebral palsy
Has eaten a mouse
Ungrateful, gullible, and definitely a Wackpacker
Friend of the Biavians
Ronald Reagan and Architecture
genitalia on fire
Pooped pants on way to see Bababooey

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